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Youri Ivanov – Fine Art Graphic and Graphic Design


– Master degree in Fine Art Graphic from the State Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria - 5 years of education. (1982-1987) - (see General Approval of International Education - NOKUT)

– Artist - performer from the State School of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria - 5 years of education. (1975-1980)

Youri was Art School Teacher - Frei Municipality in the period 2001-2002, with many private courses and lectures over the years.


Artist Fine Art Graphic

Classic Academic Education of Fine Arts gives him the opportunity to experiment with both traditional and new, modern forms of expression. Youri is creative and curious. He masters and combines various techniques, often referring to the use of color as a key element of his distinctive expression. His graphic works are known for their well-balanced composition and harmony.

The works carry great detail and dynamism. He also excelled as a painter and portraitist. He is an artist who likes to express expressive body movements. Themes in his work are quite varied, from beautiful landscapes and cityscapes to abstract descriptions of complex emotions and relationships. His art is purchased from many private art collectors and galleries around the world.


Graphic Design
Youri has more than 20 years of experience and knowledge about most people in the industry. Through his work in several graphic companies and advertising agencies, he has created tens of logos and web designs, participated in various advertising campaigns and graphic projects. Youri's artistic skills are a great help when illustrating and presenting an advertising idea.

Gallery and Exibitions:

​2022 • Gallery Athene, Drammen

​2022 • Gallery 7, Trondheim

​2021 • Gallery SG, Trondheim

​2020 • Gallery SG, Trondheim

​2019 • Gallery SG, Trondheim

​2018 • Gallery Fenka, Levanger

​2017 • Gallery SG, Trondheim

2016 • Gallery Tornby, Danmark

2016 • Gallery Fenka, Levanger

2016 • Gallery SG, Trondheim

2015 • Gallery Fenka, Levanger

2015 • Gallery SG, Trondheim

2013 • Separate - Consulate of Bulgaria, New York

2013 • Gallery SG, Trondheim - Group exhibition.

2012 • Arnulf Øverlands Gallery, Kristiansund - Christmas Exhibition.

2012 • Gallery SG, Trondheim - summer exhibition.

2012 • Kristiansund Opera Festival - Exhibition, "Music in Visual Art".

2012 • Join "Ar for" Casa Mia "for 3T Trondheim.

2010 • Gallery SG, Trondheim - summer exhibition.

2007 • Exhibition - Dromedar coffee shop, Bakklandet in Trondheim.

2006 • Fosenkai Gallery, Trondheim

2002-2008 • Teacher - Portrait and painting course - adults - 6 years. Free municipality,

2004 • Exhibition Surnadal - Kulturhus.

1999-2000 • Kristiansund Opera - Opera Season Artist.

1999 • Separate exhibition - Tingvoll.

1998 • Participant in "Nordmørsk Grafikk" - KOM publishing company in Kristiansund.

1998 • Separate exhibition Sunndalsøra Arts.

1997-2004 • Lived in Nord-Møre and was a member of Tingvollkunstlag - participates in all exhibitions.

1997 • First exhibition in Norway. Gallery Barbara, Culture House - Sunndal.

1989-1997 • Participation in several exhibitions in Bulgaria.

Gallery with Academic Studies and sketches by Youri – click the picture to see it large >>>

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