WEB and Graphic Design   

Everything is designed and manufactured in close cooperation and supervision by the customer. With several rounds of proofing (digital and on paper), proposals are approved on the format, layout and use of media (type of paper). With one of the most affordable hourly prices for graphic design and good contacts with the largest printing companies in the country, we ensure both low cost and quality. 

For offers on the preparation of WEB and Graphic Design send your request with «CONTACT»


See the gallery under some examples of WEB Designs made by Jouris Kunst >>>


Youri has over 20 years of experience from the advertising industry with graphic design, web design and print production. This allows us to provide help with the preparation of graphic design and various printed matter - flyers, brochures, advertisements, books, journals, posters and etc.


See the gallery under some examples of Grafisk Design made by Jouris Kunst >>>

Send us your photo originals to be used for your new layout.

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